Fenix & The Butterfly Book

Fenix & The Butterfly Hardcover Book (Signed 1st Edition)
Once upon ‘anytime’ and far away in the Magic Garden... a very handsome ruby red egg sparkled in the light of the morning sun. It was nestled in the ashes atop a very high volcano. A rainbow appeared and the egg cracked open ~ Fenix was born!

This mythical journey is narrated by Winston the Whale, the keeper of records, who resides in an ocean wonderland somewhere below the Magic Garden. He recalls one special lifetime of the proud plumaged, yet very lonely mystical bird, when Fenix and the beautiful, spunky yet gentle Butterfly fall in love.

However, their heartfelt relationship is in conflict with the nasty intentions of Hatcher the Griffon ~ ruler of the Black Cave, who with his assistant Itussa the Gorgon and other ugly creature subjects, schemes to become “Emperor of Everywhere”.

Within this theme and the joyous resolution, there are many adventures that Fenix and The Butterfly share in partnership with all the other colorful characters.

Fenix and the Butterfly share the miracles of Immortality, Transformation and Love.

Fly away with us today!
Book Size: 11" x 8.5"
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